Safety Firm Extends Expertise to Global Import and Supply Company

Safety Firm Extends Expertise to Global Import and Supply Company Life & Safety Consultants Inc. broadens their South Carolina presence with coastal partnership. Based in Greenville, S.C., Life & Safety Consultants Inc. will now provide qualified and flexible safety professionals for Tides Commodity Trading Group, Inc. The Charleston, S.C. company is an importer and supplier… Read More

Online Training System Helps Break Language Barrier

At ZF Transmissions, visiting employees and new hires from Germany are required to complete a safety orientation before walking onto the manufacturing floor. After using translators and other training strategies that turned out to be time consuming, company executives found out about Life and Safety Inc.’s online learning management system. “They are providing online training… Read More

Life and Safety Collaborates to Offer Virtual Safety Training

Life and Safety Consultants Inc. and Interactive Visualization Center are collaborating to create virtual safety training simulations of on-site training scenarios, worker training and safety, equipment repair and facility design. Life and Safety will focus on the training side of the equation, and IVC will provide the virtual product. The companies will share a booth at the 2015… Read More