Arc Flash Assessment Helps Hospital Avoid Electrical Explosions

Based in Greenville, S.C., Life & Safety Consultants Inc. will now provide arc flash assessments for West Virginia Medicine’s United Hospital Center in Bridgeport W.V.

“We’re doing this to help protect the employees from potentially life threatening or fatal accidents resulting from unprotected energized parts,” said Life & Safety President, Don Snizaski.

“An Arc Flash assessment includes an engineering assessment, written report, labeling, and customized training,” he said.

Snizaski said the assessment can save people from hurting themselves and others by properly labeling potentially hazardous electrical equipment.

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Safety Firm Extends Expertise to Global Import and Supply Company

Safety Firm Extends Expertise to Global Import and Supply Company

Life & Safety Consultants Inc. broadens their South Carolina presence with coastal partnership.

Based in Greenville, S.C., Life & Safety Consultants Inc. will now provide qualified and flexible safety professionals for Tides Commodity Trading Group, Inc. The Charleston, S.C. company is an importer and supplier of organic industrial food ingredients.

“We are staffing personnel to meet their EHS (environmental, health, and safety) and DOT needs,” said Life & Safety President, Don Snizaski.

“We help Tides provide a safer workplace and a more environmentally conscientious and compliant place to work,” he said. “The goal is to prevent injuries and illnesses and implement green programs to protect people and the environment.”

To attract new customers for their clients, the Greenville safety firm provides sound EHS programs to minimize negative impact on the environment.

“With new clients comes more growth and more jobs,” Snizaski said.

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Online Training System Helps Break Language Barrier

online learning management system

Life and Safety’s learning management system in available online in multiple languages and is mobile device friendly.

At ZF Transmissions, visiting employees and new hires from Germany are required to complete a safety orientation before walking onto the manufacturing floor. After using translators and other training strategies that turned out to be time consuming, company executives found out about Life and Safety Inc.’s online learning management system.

“They are providing online training for some of our counterparts in Germany,” said Scott Nelson, environmental, health and safety manager at ZF Transmissions in Gray Court. He said that instead of spending a day in training, “they get on the ground with boots running. They are able to do this in Germany, from their home in Germany and at work. It is saving us a tremendous amount of time.”

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Safety Professionals Perspective On The SC Manufacturing Environment

Cameron Colby

Cameron Colby is a Senior Environmental, Health, and Safety Consultant with Life and Safety Consultants, Inc. located in Greenville, SC.

In my time as a safety professional, I’ve had the uncommon opportunity to get up close and personal with safety programs for more than 60 manufacturing facilities nationwide.

I’ve been a part of one of the most reputable and emulated world class safety programs in the world and, alternatively, have been invited to improve some of the more severely sub par programs. Across this wide range of safety performance though, there is one observed factor that consistently surfaces as the most critical contributor to either the success or failure of each safety program; How does the top level leader for the facility or organization drive safety?

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Don Snizaski, CEO And Founder Of Life And Safety Consultants, Inc.

Don Snizaski

Don Snizaski, CEO and founder of Life and Safety Consultants Inc.

A native of Western Pennsylvania and graduate of Valley High School near Pittsburgh, Don Snizaski, CEO and founder of Life and Safety Consultants Inc., transformed his understanding of people and safety compliance into an enduring staple of the South Carolina business community.

A graduate of the College of Charleston, Snizaski began his career with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1993 and investigated nearly 250 companies and their safety needs over four years there.

In 1997, the safety specialist decided to create his own business and founded Life and Safety Consultants in Greenville, S.C.

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Partnership Shows Off Virtual Training Technology

Seated at a 3-D workbench, Melanie Hill manipulates objects in stereoscopic 3-D. Manufacturing executives gather around to watch how the device creates and enhances an illusion of depth as she works with the image of a machine on a video screen.

“I’m using a stylus which allows us to take this machine apart piece by piece, and it also has haptic feedback programmed into the stylus,” said Hill, who owns Interactive Visualization Center Greenville. “So when I’m putting this piece on the end of this bar I can feel when it snaps in place. It gives me a vibration in my fingertips.”

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