Arc Flash

Arc Flash is an arc of energy, up to 35,000º F that releases highly dangerous levels of heat energy capable of causing severe burns and even death. These arcs can result from multiple factors, including dropped tools, accidental contact with electrical systems, buildup of conductive dust, corrosion, and/or improper work procedures.

OSHA requires employers to protect workers from arc flash related injuries wherever the hazard for arc flash exists. 

  • Hazard Assessment – 1910.132 (D)(1)
  • Equipment Marking – 1910.303 (E)
  • PPE – 1910.132 (A)
  • Training – 1910.132 (F)(1,2,3)

Life and Safety Consultants specializes in providing companies with comprehensive arc flash assessments and services; from the initial data collection to the ongoing training of employees exposed to arc flash hazards:

  • Initial Contact Meeting
  • Survey of Facility Electrical system
  • Arc Flash Calculations
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Labeling and Manual Development
  • Arc Flash Training
  • PPE Procurement
  • Annual Re-Certification Program

Let us get you compliant with Arc Flash.

 Did you know over 800 people are killed, and an additional 2,000 more injured each year from Arc Flash events?