QR Apps

Our inspection and document access process uses QR code technology. Using a smart phone or tablet you can immediately access files in the field such as policies or step-by-step procedures. Not only can you access documentation, which is a one-way form of communication, but you can also bring up checklists or inspection forms that can be completed on that same smart device and be instantly routed to the appropriate person or department for immediate review.

Inspections, Audits & Forms

Remove the paper and problems that come from using it. With a QR inspection you scan, click, and send… that’s it. You set what the notification criteria should be and where it goes so that the right people are notified immediately. Work orders, periodic inspections, checklists can all be done online with a smart phone. Try it out here.

Policies & Procedures

Make your documents, policies, and procedures instantly available. Track who, when, and where the files were accessed. Scan this QR code to see an example of a lockout tagout procedure.