Respiratory Protection Fit Test

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If you are required by OSHA to provide your employees with respirators then in addition to a written program you will need to provide training, medical clearance to use the respirators, and a fit test to ensure the mask fits properly.

Life and Safety offers a complete solution for the training, medical clearance, and fit testing. The training and medical clearance can both be completed online and are typically finished within an hour. The fit test must be performed by one of our staff and will be scheduled at our office at 31 Boland Court Greenville, SC 29615.

This selection is for the respirator fit test.

The fit test will be performed at our office located at 31 Boland Court Greenville, SC 29615. Once you have received payment confirmation please call our office at 864.297.4521 to schedule your appointment. Remember to bring the respirator you have selected for use during the fit test.

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