Registration OPEN for ‘Safety Leadership Series Plant Manager Training’

As a leader in your organization, how do you make an impact on safety performance?

David Lynn will be conducting a 3 session course on Safety Leadership from a manager’s perspective.  (You do not need to be a plant manager or attend all 3 days to benefit from this course!)

Day 1: October 14
Results Based Safety Leadership: How do safety character, mentality, and focus impact safety performance?

Plant Managers have the power to drive safety success but balancing all of the responsibilities of the role, is a challenge. This class teaches principles that will help a Plant Manager know where to make the biggest impact on safety performance. Learn how to strategically pursue safety goals and achieve success with the Safety Leadership Triangle.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours
Cost: $175 (Includes Material)
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Day 2: October 15
Leading Safety Transformation: How do you initiate positive change?

Plant Managers have the power to transform a safety culture. There are eight steps to leading change in John Kotter’s book, Leading Change. Each step has a practical application for building a performance minded safety culture. This purpose of this class is to share practical examples of how you use these steps to drive improvement. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of how change initiatives succeed and fail.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours
Cost: $175 (Includes Material)
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Day 3: October 16
How 2: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis

Plant Managers need to know the root cause of the incidents that happen on their watch. This class will place you in a select group of professionals that do more than check the boxes on an accident investigation form. The methodology is based on David’s Lynn’s experience working with OSHA, Duracell, Owens Corning, and Fluor and it provides practical tips for how to lead an effective investigation. Participants will learn how to collect information and analyze the facts using an event analysis tool.

Time Commitment: 4 Hours
Cost: $225 (Includes Material)
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All Classes – Location:
Life & Safety Consultants, Inc.
15 Brendan Way Suite 250
Greenville, SC 29615

To enroll in our upcoming course please visit the Course Registration page or call (864)297-4521 ext. 101 and ask for Barbie Brooks.

David Lynn to present during ASSE National Convention in Orlando, FL

David LynnJune 8-11, 2014 marks the ASSE’s National Professional Development Conference in Orlando, FL. EHS Today, one of the largest Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management resources in the US, and Dyneema, the premium brand glove manufacturer known for their Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene formula, have partnered to launch a ‘Zero Excuses for Employee Hand Injuries’ campaign.  Addressing the Leadership Roundtable at the launch of this campaign is David Lynn, Vice President of Signature Services for Life and Safety Consultants. David’s presentation will highlight 5 simple steps to creating a hand safety initiative that promotes zero excuses for hand injuries.  The initiative includes identifying trends, training and educating, communication, planning for success, and monitoring compliance.

What: EHS Today and Dyneema ‘Zero Excuses for Employee Hand Injuries’ Leadership Roundtable When: Monday, June 9, 12:30 pm. Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL


Voluntary Protection Programs: The Pursuit of Excellence

On 3 September 2008, Fluor Corp. announced that is was chosen by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA] as the newest participant in the Voluntary Protection Program [VPP] Corporate Pilot.  OSHA’s Corporate VPP is a premier program recognizing elite companies with an unquestionable commitment to health and safety.   Launched in May 2004, the primary goal of OSHA’s Corporate VPP was to streamline the VPP application and on-site evaluation process for organizations that are committed to VPP.  Companies that qualify for the program have to meet stringent standards based on OSHA’s VPP principles.

Great companies find ways to differentiate their safety cultures from average companies.

Read more on David Lynn’s recent article  in the Association for Iron and Steel Technology, Inc. [AIST] Publication list outlining the added value, process, and recognized reward of obtaining Corporate VPP status.

Voluntary Protection Programs: The Pursuit of Excellence