David Lynn to present during ASSE National Convention in Orlando, FL

David LynnJune 8-11, 2014 marks the ASSE’s National Professional Development Conference in Orlando, FL. EHS Today, one of the largest Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management resources in the US, and Dyneema, the premium brand glove manufacturer known for their Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene formula, have partnered to launch a ‘Zero Excuses for Employee Hand Injuries’ campaign.  Addressing the Leadership Roundtable at the launch of this campaign is David Lynn, Vice President of Signature Services for Life and Safety Consultants. David’s presentation will highlight 5 simple steps to creating a hand safety initiative that promotes zero excuses for hand injuries.  The initiative includes identifying trends, training and educating, communication, planning for success, and monitoring compliance.

What: EHS Today and Dyneema ‘Zero Excuses for Employee Hand Injuries’ Leadership Roundtable When: Monday, June 9, 12:30 pm. Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL


Old School Versus the New Generation – Technology Transforms Safety

Safety, like anything else, has transformed throughout recent years with the addition of technological advances and improvements. Read how a once OSHA auditor in the 1990’s view this transformation, and it’s impact for the better.

My teenage kids think I worked in the dark ages when I started my career in the early 1990s, and when I look back on how technology has changed the work environment, I have to agree. How did we function?

I started my safety career working with OSHA as a compliance officer in the early 1990s and everything was manual!  We took pictures with black-and-white film and handwrote reports.  I did not even know what a computer mouse was and I had never heard of email before I left OSHA in 1995.  How did I complete the paperwork for a citation when I worked with OSHA?

Read more about how technology has transformed Safety in David Lynn’s article for EHS Today:

Old School Versus the New Generation – Technology Transforms Safety