TrainingWhether your training needs include the creation and delivery of a comprehensive training matrix customized to the operations of your facility, or you’re looking to take that next step towards safety excellence through the further development of your leadership team, Life and Safety has turn-key options to fit your requirements.  After gathering an understanding of the training needs, courses can be offered in a multitude of custom formats:

In-Person Training.  Whether you’re needing one specific course, or a full training matrix worth of courses, Life and Safety can deliver the in-person experience for over 150 different environmental, health, and safety topics for classes of virtually any size. 

With over 140 online environmental, health and safety courses available, Life and Safety University offers course 24/7/365…all day any day.

Online Training. Fully customizable to your facility, including pictures, presentations, and material specific to your operation, Life and Safety’s online training platform allows companies the ease of training employees at the click of a mouse.  This pay-as-you-go option offers over 150 Environmental, Health, and Safety training courses with foreign language support to fully suit your need.  Participation Reports are generated on a pre-determined basis to track completion percentages.  Life and Safety also has the capability to fully set-up a computer lab environment, house and administer all of the training courses, and deliver the appropriate reports. 

Safety Leadership Training.  We believe safety training and development opportunities are a fundamental component of enhancing the knowledge and skill level of safety professionals. Training and development is a building block for creating a High Performance Culture.  Our vision is to create a learning culture and that equips people with the knowledge, desire, and capability to achieve zero incidents.

The Safety Leadership Academy operates according to the following training and development principles. The principles will enhance a High Performance Culture and achieve best in class results.

  • Deliver training with qualified trainers.
  • Offer a development plan for Safety Professionals.
  • Keep training and development simple and business sensitive.
  • Establish consistency and flexibility in the training schedule.
  • Track, measure, and monitor training activity and results.

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