Are You Testing for COVID?

Executive Summary (TL;DR)
When testing for COVID, know your lab and who provides the tests.

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Not all lab instruments are created equal. Most diagnostic manufacturers use biotin streptavidin as their binding agent in their testing process. While Biotin is extremely beneficial in cellular health and popularized as the “Beauty Vitamin” by some of Hollywood biggest superstars, its prevalence as dietary supplement, can cause false positive and false negative results. Biotin interference became a problem following a death due to inaccurate lab results. Since then the FDA has issued multiple warnings of potentially inaccurate results. “The FDA is aware of people taking high levels of biotin that would interfere with lab tests.” ( None of Abbott’s platforms are impacted by biotin interference; making Abbott the world’s leader in 6 sigma tests.

Testing for COVID

RNA – RNA is a quick 5-minute test that tells you if you currently have an active case of COVID-19.

IgM – The IgM test, when positive, indicates that the person is still infectious but may not be exhibiting signs or symptoms.

IgG – The IgG test results indicate whether the person has antibodies meaning that at some point prior they had COVID-19.

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These tests, when taken together, can help a business make smarter decisions about their return to work policy. For example, if a person tests positive in both the IgM and IgG tests, that is a fair indication that they are nearing the end of their infections stage and actively developing antibodies. What this means for the company is that the employee could potentially return to work in just a few days as opposed to the standard two weeks or 14 days. This helps with business continuity and increases employee confidence in their company’s ability to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Have a Plan

Having a complete proactive COVID testing protocol in place is the best way to assure the health of your employees by capturing the data and stopping the spread of the virus by those asymptomatic individuals. Additionally, having a full circle COVID plan will strategically optimize productivity while minimizing your overall liability.