Mat Craddock Joins Life and Safety Team as Arc Flash Manager

On September 1st Life and Safety welcomed Mathew Craddock as a full time employee.

Mathew Craddock has been a contractor for Life and Safety since 2010. Mat has over 20 years of experience in multiple fields including industrial maintenance/mechatronics, controls programming, CNC machining, IT systems administration, environmental health, and safety. Mat holds a position as an adjunct instructor for Greenville Technical College in the field of mechatronics and is considered one of the leading subject matter experts. His career in maintenance and electronics began when he worked in a cotton mill as a maintenance technician while attending high school. Later he joined the Army at age 18 and volunteered for the 101st Airborne Division, Long Range Surveillance Detachment 75th Ranger Regiment. During his time in the LRS unit, he served as a unit armorer, cavalry scout, and high frequency encrypted radio technician. Mat has been deployed in combat to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait and has also served in many other countries during training exercises. After his enlistment, Mat obtained his associates of science degree in electronics engineering while also working in the maintenance field as maintenance technician for a plastics blow-molding manufacturer. Since then he has worked primarily in the automotive, bio-medical, and machine fabrication industries. Mat has served as plant EHS coordinator and trainer for electrical safety/arc flash while also teaching these subjects for Life and Safety. Mat continues to hold dual roles as both an electrician/programmer/EHS coordinator and also as an instructor in mechatronics for local colleges.

As an addition to the Life and Safety team, Mat Craddock, will head up our Arc Flash projects as the new Arc Flash Manager.