Fall Protection with Live Drop Demonstration

Join us on November 10th at 12:30pm for a live drop demo of fall protection equipment. This free session will include information about the proper use of a harness and two fall simulations…one without using an energy absorber and the second with the energy absorber. In-Person: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=gykjjtcab&oeidk=a07eijane4gd482aec6Streaming: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=gykjjtcab&oeidk=a07eijasyvp0766aa65 This training is presented by Mike Gutierrez… Read More

Mat Craddock Joins Life and Safety Team as Arc Flash Manager

On September 1st Life and Safety welcomed Mathew Craddock as a full time employee. Mathew Craddock has been a contractor for Life and Safety since 2010. Mat has over 20 years of experience in multiple fields including industrial maintenance/mechatronics, controls programming, CNC machining, IT systems administration, environmental health, and safety. Mat holds a position as… Read More

Are You Testing for COVID?

Executive Summary (TL;DR)When testing for COVID, know your lab and who provides the tests. Free Webinar Wednesday September 16th at 11:30AMREGISTER HERE Not all lab instruments are created equal. Most diagnostic manufacturers use biotin streptavidin as their binding agent in their testing process. While Biotin is extremely beneficial in cellular health and popularized as the… Read More

Are you required to wear a respirator?

SUMMARY If wearing a respirator is required by your company then the 9 elements of the respiratory protection program must be followed including medical evaluation, training, and fit testing (http://lifeandsafety.com/enroll/#!/Respiratory-Protection/c/38135012/offset=0&sort=nameAsc). If you are voluntarily wearing respiratory protection you must be provided with the information in Appendix D. FULL ARTICLE There are many factors that affect… Read More

Active Shooter Awareness

Recognize. Respond. Survive. Is your organization truly prepared for an active shooter? Life and Safety is proud to announce our partnership with ProActive Response Group to deliver active shooter awareness, medical, and post-incident response training. ProActive Response Group’s leadership team are well-trained veteran SWAT team leaders, with first-hand experience in hostage rescues and high-risk dignitary… Read More

What We’ve Learned About COVID-19

Over the last month we’ve seen a lot of changes take place in how we conduct business. From interfacing with the public to working from home, the face and features of our workplace have been drastically altered. Keeping up with the continually updating information, recommendations, and speculation that we receive daily has been overwhelming and… Read More

Coronavirus or COVID-19

If you’ve seen the news or even just been outside over the last couple months you’ve hear something about the coronavirus or COVID-19. There are now cases being reported in the United States making education and preparedness extremely important. The CDC is always a great source of information and they currently have a section of… Read More