Injured at Work? A Root Cause Analysis Can Save a Life

What memories would you miss if someone you cared about was injured at work?

View the video below from the closing of David Lynn’s Training Course: How 2: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis. This presentation describes what it takes to be a results driven safety culture. The benefits create memories for employees for years to come.

Course Description: Seeking the REAL truth will differentiate your investigation skills with other safety professionals because many people just fill out the form…if you know what I mean. You can learn to do more by analyzing each step leading to an event!

This class will place you in a select group of professionals that do more than check the boxes on an accident investigation form.  You will learn how to seek the truth and find the origin of why an event happened.  The class takes a tactical approach to solving problems that result in an injury. Participants will learn how to collect information and analyze the facts using an event analysis tool.  The analysis tool prompts an investigator to evaluate the conditions and behaviors that contribute to each step leading to an incident. The process generates data that you can trend and identify causes as well as specific defense failures. With the data, you can develop sustainable corrective actions.

  • Introduction to Incident Investigation
  • Investigating Step by Step
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Analysis Tools that Reveal the Root Cause

Class Length: 6 Hours

For more information contact David Lynn.

What clients are saying…
“David’s tool is deceptively simple and straight forward. It’s application can be achieved by just about anyone interested in determining the underlying reasons as to why adverse events occur.”
– Michael Weatherred, CSP, Corporate HSE Senior Manager with FLUOR