Life and Safety Puts Inland Waste “Ahead of the Curve”

After finding that it was not very productive to have a safety manager at each of their locations because of the internal comradery and level of available talent, the company decided to look at third party options for safety programs. “First we went to our insurance company and asked what do you recommend for a third-party program. And two years ago, we actually ended up hiring a third-party, Life and Safety, to do our safety program for the whole company. They do site visits on a schedule and after each one, they’ll give recommendations, discuss any deficiencies and put programs in place to take care of them. They will also give us daily training tidbits and hold weekly training at our safety meetings. It really puts us ahead of the curve for a company of our size to have a resource like that at our fingertips. They are constantly coming to us with ways to improve our safety and it has helped us a lot,” explains Begley.

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