Cybersecurity: Stopping Cyber Attacks Before They Come To Your Door

Cybersecurity is a word we are hearing more often these days. This is because the number of threats to devices connected to the internet has grown. Grown right along with the enormous growth in the number of devices themselves. Cybersecurity is the only process that keeps these ongoing threats at bay and from becoming even worse. 

Join us at our upcoming webinar on February 10th, 2023 at 11:30am Eastern, for an educational presentation by Alen Zilic, the founder and CEO of Stonebridge ITAlen will detail what cybercrime is and how it can affect us all. He will share actionable steps and safe habits you can utilize to avoid becoming a victim of cyberattacks.

Alen Zilic - Founder and CEO of Stonebridge IT
Alen Zilic – Founder and CEO of Stonebridge IT

Alen Zilic, is the founder and CEO of Stonebridge IT. He brings an extensive background in computer science engineering, system networking, cybersecurity, management, and consulting. He uses his expertise to plan, oversee, and implement large scale projects. Projects such as unifying technology for merging companies, as well as streamlining daily IT operations for existing companies.

In his 25+ of experience in the IT industry, Alen has helped lead many organizations through integrating technology solutions to fit their business goals. Alen and his team proudly serve industries from education, staffing, manufacturing, construction, entertainment, legal/financial/professional services and much more.

Client Appreciation Event

Thank you to all of our clients and those who were able to attend our client appreciation event last Thursday the 10th of November. With your support we’ve made it to 25 years and look forward to the next 25.

Life and Safety Team
Life and Safety Team

A special thank you to Brooks Wolfe for presenting the ever popular topic of OSHA recordkeeping. The information was relatable and very well received. Watch the YouTube video below or visit our YouTube channel for this and other safety content.

NEW HIRE: Jay Jordan

Jay Jordan

Contact Details

Life and Safety Consultants, Inc.
31 Boland Court
Greenville, SC 29615

Life and Safety is excited to welcome Jay Jordan as the newest member of our team. Jay is a graduate of the College of Charleston and comes to us with a background in automotive plant safety and commercial construction site management.

We’re excited to have Jay on our team helping our clients design, build, and and maintain their safety programs.

SC OSHA to Speak at Life and Safety Seminar

OSHA logo

On October 15th Life and Safety will host a free virtual and in-person seminar in Greenville, SC where SC OSHA Compliance Manager, Anthony Wilks, will discuss the current state of South Carolina OSHA.

Anthony Wilks - Compliance Manager, SC OSHA
Anthony Wilks
Compliance Manager, SC OSHA

Life and Safety will also discuss the changing safety environment and the tools we can use to assist us with training, inspections, and documentation.

To accommodate as many people as possible you can attend in person or watch the live stream. We will have the same training both in the morning from 9am-11am and then again from 1pm-3pm.

Seating is limited for the classroom sessions so be sure to sign up now to reserve your seat.

Registration Links

Morning In-Person Classroom Session

Morning Virtual Session

Afternoon In-Person Classroom Session

Afternoon Virtual Session

Partnering with Safe-T-Works, Inc. to Offer DOT Compliance

To better serve our clients Life and Safety has partnered with Safe-T-Works, Inc.

Safe-T-Works, Inc. (STW) located in Asheboro, NC provides full service DOT, non-mandated drug and alcohol testing, and DOT training. We meet or exceed Department of Transportation regulations as well as non-DOT concerns at the local, state, and national levels.

Safe-T-Works - DOT Compliance Specialists

Safe-T-Works provides a comprehensive set of drug detection, workplace protection, and employee training services. Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve a safe, drug-free workplace—and to do so better and more cost-effectively than any other company in our field.

STW specializes in on-site testing, training programs, and DOT compliance services for our clients as well as personalized client contact, confidential clients record maintenance and storage; and 24/7 availability. STW has been in business for over 12 years. The staff has over 45 years combined experience in the industry including education and training. All staff members are certified annually and the company is accredited annually by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA). We also have certified and knowledgeable trainers on staff who can assist you with anything from policy development to supervisor and employee training programs. Other services available include Designated Employer Representative, Supervisor, and Driver training and certification programs, Respirator Fit Testing, Medical Review Officer services, DOT and employment physicals, DNA testing for paternity, DOT compliance services, Fleet Maintenance, and a wide variety of specialized programs and testing. Safe-T-Works is a 100% woman-owned business. It is also NC HUB, WBE, SBE, DBE certified, and Nationally Accredited for Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs.

For more information about Safe-T-Works and the services they offer, visit their website at

Active Shooter Awareness

Recognize. Respond. Survive. Is your organization truly prepared for an active shooter?

Life and Safety is proud to announce our partnership with ProActive Response Group to deliver active shooter awareness, medical, and post-incident response training.

ProActive Response Group’s leadership team are well-trained veteran SWAT team leaders, with first-hand experience in hostage rescues and high-risk dignitary protection. The skills offered in each course have been specifically developed to provide individuals and groups with effective courses of action in actual critical situations.

Today many organizations just “check the box” when providing active shooter/workplace violence training for their employees. With the rise of active shooter events across the country the cost of inadequate training will be devastating.

Topics discussed:

  • how to take a ProActive approach to preventing attacks by being situationally aware
  • simple response options that will empower employees and build confidence
  • how to use basic medical skills and equipment to save victims of the attack
  • the importance of developing business continuity plans that include active shooter events

ProActive Training Bundle

ProActive’s Active Shooter Response Training curriculum teaches preparedness and empowerment to corporate teams. Through the course of these eye-opening and instructional videos paired with online quizzes, your employees will learn to develop a plan of action should an active shooter walk into your office.

This course is normally $24.99 but is available to you for 50% off with code STAYPROACTIVE

Your training will include:
Pre-Incident Awareness and Threat Recognition
Responding to A Threat
Life-Saving Medical Training
Interaction with First Responders and the Aftermath

As an added bonus when you purchase the ProActive training you’ll also receive complimentary access to our “COVID-19 and Other Contagious Illnesses” video based training.

To sign up for the ProActive training bundle go to the following link to create an account and login:

Once you create an account and login, go to the “Catalog” tab at the top of the screen to select and purchase the ProActive Training Bundle. Use code STAYPROACTIVE to received 50% off.

What We’ve Learned About COVID-19

Over the last month we’ve seen a lot of changes take place in how we conduct business. From interfacing with the public to working from home, the face and features of our workplace have been drastically altered. Keeping up with the continually updating information, recommendations, and speculation that we receive daily has been overwhelming and can be more than a little confusing.

Our safety consultants, TC Gore and Joe Woodman, have been working diligently with clients to help them respond to current needs and prepare for what comes next. They’ve done this by taking their extensive medical and bio-hazard experience that they both have and coupling that with constant attention to the ever changing data coming from the CDC, OSHA, and other agencies and digesting all that information into meaningful and actionable next steps.

On Wednesday April 1st we hosted a a quick lunch and learn during which TC and Joe discussed what they’re doing to help business react and prepare for what comes next.

Safety Management Tools

By Nathan Bennett

Life and Safety Management Tools

In October of 2011 I started with Life and Safety and now, 8 years later, have seen our online services grow from a small OSHA 10 and 30 reseller service to a department that develops custom online training solutions for employee and contractor orientation as well as site and task specific training.

Inspections, Audits, Observations, and Assessments

Life and Safety creates custom training solutions for our clients and over the past 5 years we’ve built digital inspection solutions that allow operators and inspectors to complete their checklists on a smart device while in the field. There’s no need to carry a clipboard, complete paper forms, carry it back to the office, review the findings, forward for remediation, or file for retention. Everything is digital and stored in a database with immediate notification of deficiencies and the opportunity to respond effectively and efficiently to trouble areas while at the same time incentivizing positive behaviors such as completing inspections, audits, observations, and assessments.

contractor transcript safety management tools

Training Transcript Management

The newest tool we’ve added is the ability to access contractor training records immediately from anywhere. Instead of relying on wallet cards or word of mouth the contractor has a scannable code on their ID badge, hardhat, or something equally as accessible. The safety person can then scan that code and access all their training while verifying that they are trained to do their job tasks.

On the Horizon

We are continuously improving our online tools and processes with a few projects currently under development. The most exciting new tool we’re working on is an ISO certification process management tool. With it you’ll be able to manage your documentation and access it easily much in the same way that our contractor transcript tool works. More details about this new tool will become available after the first of the year.

Thank you to all our clients who have and continue to help us test and build these tools for safety.

Registration OPEN for ‘Safety Leadership Series Plant Manager Training’

As a leader in your organization, how do you make an impact on safety performance?

David Lynn will be conducting a 3 session course on Safety Leadership from a manager’s perspective.  (You do not need to be a plant manager or attend all 3 days to benefit from this course!)

Day 1: October 14
Results Based Safety Leadership: How do safety character, mentality, and focus impact safety performance?

Plant Managers have the power to drive safety success but balancing all of the responsibilities of the role, is a challenge. This class teaches principles that will help a Plant Manager know where to make the biggest impact on safety performance. Learn how to strategically pursue safety goals and achieve success with the Safety Leadership Triangle.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours
Cost: $175 (Includes Material)
Register here.

Day 2: October 15
Leading Safety Transformation: How do you initiate positive change?

Plant Managers have the power to transform a safety culture. There are eight steps to leading change in John Kotter’s book, Leading Change. Each step has a practical application for building a performance minded safety culture. This purpose of this class is to share practical examples of how you use these steps to drive improvement. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of how change initiatives succeed and fail.

Time Commitment: 3 Hours
Cost: $175 (Includes Material)
Register here.

Day 3: October 16
How 2: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis

Plant Managers need to know the root cause of the incidents that happen on their watch. This class will place you in a select group of professionals that do more than check the boxes on an accident investigation form. The methodology is based on David’s Lynn’s experience working with OSHA, Duracell, Owens Corning, and Fluor and it provides practical tips for how to lead an effective investigation. Participants will learn how to collect information and analyze the facts using an event analysis tool.

Time Commitment: 4 Hours
Cost: $225 (Includes Material)
Register here.
All Classes – Location:
Life & Safety Consultants, Inc.
15 Brendan Way Suite 250
Greenville, SC 29615

To enroll in our upcoming course please visit the Course Registration page or call (864)297-4521 ext. 101 and ask for Barbie Brooks.

Old School Versus the New Generation – Technology Transforms Safety

Safety, like anything else, has transformed throughout recent years with the addition of technological advances and improvements. Read how a once OSHA auditor in the 1990’s view this transformation, and it’s impact for the better.

My teenage kids think I worked in the dark ages when I started my career in the early 1990s, and when I look back on how technology has changed the work environment, I have to agree. How did we function?

I started my safety career working with OSHA as a compliance officer in the early 1990s and everything was manual!  We took pictures with black-and-white film and handwrote reports.  I did not even know what a computer mouse was and I had never heard of email before I left OSHA in 1995.  How did I complete the paperwork for a citation when I worked with OSHA?

Read more about how technology has transformed Safety in David Lynn’s article for EHS Today:

Old School Versus the New Generation – Technology Transforms Safety