Cybersecurity: Stopping Cyber Attacks Before They Come To Your Door

Cybersecurity is a word we are hearing more often these days. This is because the number of threats to devices connected to the internet has grown. Grown right along with the enormous growth in the number of devices themselves. Cybersecurity is the only process that keeps these ongoing threats at bay and from becoming even worse. 

Check out our webinar for an educational presentation by Alen Zilic, the founder and CEO of Stonebridge ITAlen detailed what cybercrime is and how it can affect us all. He shared actionable steps and safe habits you can utilize to avoid becoming a victim of cyberattacks.

Use this checklist to determine if you need to explore additional security measures.

Alen Zilic - Founder and CEO of Stonebridge IT
Alen Zilic – Founder and CEO of Stonebridge IT

Alen Zilic, is the founder and CEO of Stonebridge IT. He brings an extensive background in computer science engineering, system networking, cybersecurity, management, and consulting. He uses his expertise to plan, oversee, and implement large scale projects. Projects such as unifying technology for merging companies, as well as streamlining daily IT operations for existing companies.

In his 25+ of experience in the IT industry, Alen has helped lead many organizations through integrating technology solutions to fit their business goals. Alen and his team proudly serve industries from education, staffing, manufacturing, construction, entertainment, legal/financial/professional services and much more.